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Bengala Spain

16 July, 2016
La Caprichosa
14 July, 2016

Bengala Spain is the most important Spanish Shisha Shop. They sell premium shishas and accesories, always looking for the best match to the client, and taking good care of service and customer.

Founded in 2014, Bengala Spain is the perfect example of the development that a little shop can have. They started as a modest online shop, but from the very beginning, they had one thing clear. They had to be different, and they got it. Nowadays, they have three physical shops, in Seville, Madrid and Málaga, and their online shop is the biggest in the country.

So when we started working with them, what they first needed, was an amazing Branding. We investigated in the shisha history, and we discovered that one of the aspects of the shisha said it was invented in India, the other one said it was in Egypt. We decided to go for the Indian one and create the branding from zero basing ourselves on it. That's how Bengala Spain was born, from the Naming to the Branding, steping by colour definition and typography selection.


An important part of a Branding, at least for us, is to imagine what could be the different uses to it. In Bengala's case, we knew they would have lots of Social Media movement, and they would have to make a big investment in publicity and content creation. That's why we made this cover, that accompanies their logo and dress the brand with elegance and profesionality.


But we did more than