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Booktrailer El Lobo

19 July, 2016
26 January, 2017
Privilege Smoke
18 July, 2016

El Lobo is a child's tale based on the friendship between a kid and a wolf. What would happen if your best friend was... well, a wild animal? In El Lobo we took our inner kid for a walk and created an innocent version of illustrations. Don't get used to it! ;)

Animated illustration is always a perfect way to tale a story, to show a proccess and, overall, to create amazing things beyond imagination.

In this booktrailer, the idea was to sell more books. To win public's atention, to highlight the book over others. That was easy!

The hard part was to create and animate the cover using the most advantages techniques and programmes, such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. From the empty paper to the printed reality.

After the illustration was created, we used Adobe After Effects and many (many!) hours of edition to create the Motion Graphics that you see below. One in which everything you see moving is a different part of the illustration, animated to create the movement sensation.

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