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2 June, 2017
24 May, 2017

Hacienda Tierra Blanca is a Sevillian hacienda located in the village of Salteras that has all the details to live a great event. They are specialized in large celebrations, such as weddings, communions, company meals ...

One of the objectives Hacienda Tierra Blanca had when they came to us to create a new website was to show the satisfaction of its customers. At Heartcore we specialize precisely in improving the image of companies in the digital universe, as a means to communicate better and achieve their goals.

Nowadays this is unthinkable without developing that same image in the digital world, that is why Hacienda Tierra Blanca relied on us to design a multilingual and responsive web, adaptable to the devices and to the height of its services.

The web project of a company of these characteristics is something that should never be taken lightly, since it will become part of the image the company has in the online universe. In the case of Hacienda Tierra Blanca, they already had years of experience and recognition in their sector, so they had to create a web that lived up to the expectations of their team and their clients. You can see it in full in:

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