Hacienda Tierra Blanca
24 May, 2017
BÖHO Lounge
25 April, 2017

HOOKAHLAND® is the first wholesale distributor of shishas and tobacco that has opted for large-scale impact in the digital universe. In HEARTCORE® we have developed its corporate image as well as its multilingual web portal. Check our more about the project!

This project integrates a heavy load of branding, indispensable for HOOKAHLAND® to be presented to its customers and suppliers in an innovative and professional way.

By mixing fantasy and reality, we have created a "Hookah Country," or HOOKAHLAND®, which has nothing to envy Carroll's famous Wonderland . We built HOOKAHLAND®'s image thinking about how it would be implemented later on the web and other displays. We wanted to do something different, unique, but taking into account that the page had to be technically simple. Thus, we created different layers of digital illustration in grayscale that later, thanks to the use of the color gradient, made the result incredible.

This way, we were able to implement it on the website creating a parallax effect. That is an animation of the layers according to the movement of the mouse. On portable devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, the HOOKAHLAND® universe moves as we rotate the device. On the other hand, although for the moment HOOKAHLAND® just distributes in the national territory, they needed that its web portal could be consulted from outside Spain's borders. That is why we have translated and configured the content in Spanish and English. You can see it in full inwww.hookahland.es


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