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La Caprichosa

Bengala Spain
15 July, 2016

La Caprichosa is a high standard artisan ice cream shop with three shops in the south of Spain. When we first started working with them, they had an odd online presence, that didn't correspond at all with the actual ice cream shop. They have more than 30 ice cream flavours, some for lactose intolerant people and also some kinds of no sugar ones. Their team is young and strong, but needed some help with their image. We started working on Social Media designing their strategy and also making it better mixing it with offline actions. The results are great!

An important part of the online image: photographs! We made a photographic session in which we showed the ice cream shops as they are. Quite cute and modern!

In a business, and overall in one directed to local public It's important to show what you have, what you are, and how you do things.

With La Caprichosa we used Social Media to increase visitors, to encourage them to share content and to upload their own pictures tasting the ice creams. Total success!.