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26 January, 2017
20 March, 2017
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19 July, 2016

Locálitas is a consulting firm specialized in providing valuable services in the field of strategy and Smart City, both for public institutions and industry in general.

20 years of experience. That's what they needed to set their brand, goals and important customers, and after some momentary adaptations, they decided to give shape to a more modern, elegant and professional Locálitas, for which they counted on us.

As Locálitas makes a great deal of their work with public sector, it was important to give the brand an innovative identity, but at the same time easy to identify. Thus, we create a Branding that mixes living tones, giving freshness and passion, to colours known as "cold", such as blue and purple. That way we make clear that Locálitas has something special, even in those projects that, at first glance, may seem ordinary. The creation of their logo starts from the symbol of infinity combined with the square they used previously, giving a spin to the concept and making it three-dimensional.

The typography was designed specifically to give shape to the company name, providing the perfect balance between curves and straight lines. In order for its new identity to be complete, we developed a visual and eye-catching website, where the projects developed and the milestones achieved by Locálitas in the private and public areas appear. This web, programmed in Joomla CMS, allows a simple management model in which the client is absolutely independent to create and maintain the contents.

We create

When carrying out a rebranding project it is very important that the essence of the company is maintained in the designs. It is not about making a new logo, it is about implementing the same philosophy of company with a concept that contributes qualities, that does not eliminate information. Your customers have to know that they sit in front of the same supplier, not a new company.

This is the Smart City Concept