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16 July, 2016
17 July, 2016
Bengala Spain
15 July, 2016

Mesdelunes is a different online clothing shop. Inspired by the hardwork of entrepreneurs, Mesdelunes means Month of Mondays, something the designer wants to achieve, although she knows it will be hard ;)

When she got to us she had just an idea A motivation, an impression, a goal. But she had it quite clear in her mind, so we could embibe her spirit and design a website that could satisfy her dream and, besides, be a powerfull tool that allowed her to sell her creations all over the world.

Mesdelunes is quite concerned about local producers, and always tries to work with them. Her first collection, Brake The Mold is inspired in the cycling world and very related to a green concious that is growing between the population.


Website &


Besides the responsive website, we also developed Mesdelunes photography session, as website products and also as promotional material. The online shop is already working, and you can check their awesome clothing clicking here!.