Hacienda Tierra Blanca
24 May, 2017

A packagingis a box or wrapper containing an object temporarily. But is there any way that this packaging is part of a sales strategy? Can it be anything more than merely temporary? Of course! In HEARTCORE we give the same importance to wrapping than to the object itself, it is part of the sales strategy of the product and, of course, we must take care of it. We show you how we have developed one of our packaging projects.

In this case, the mission was clear: It was necessary to design a striking boxes for some even more striking hookah bowls for a recurring client, Bengala Spain. In this case we used digital illustration as a technique. Was tottally worth it!

Bengala Spain designed and brought to the market shisha bowls with daring prints, reminiscent of the texture of monsters, so they became the MONSTER BOWLS collection. With the expansion of the product and the intention to market it beyond the borders of Spain, they decided to make a bold and at the same time monstrous packaging. In HEARTCORE we conceived the project as three colors of different bowls, three different monsters, and we chose: vampire, zombie and mummy.

When designing a packaging, it is essential to take into account the final design, being in contact with the company and, later, to design the design on the display. In this case, we gave life to the project thinking that Bengala Spain could use the same box for all three models. Therefore, each one appears on one side making the whole ensemble attention regardless of where it is supported. Utility, aesthetics and product visibility . That's what makes this packaging the favorite among its products.


To work a design of this style is equally important the work of illustration as well as the layout of the product itself. Bleeds, margins and cuts, all this is present and must be taken into account as the correct job depends on the good work of a graphic designer.

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